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2019 Mississippi Junior Chess Championship

Hosted by the Mississippi Chess Association in cooperation with C Spire

A United States Chess National Qualifying Event for the Denker Tournament of High School Champions (9-12) and the Barber Tournament of Champions (K-8)

C Spire, 1018 Highland Colony Parkway, Ridgeland, MS

Dates:  March 2nd and 3rd 2019

Nearby Hotels: 
Hyatt Place 1016 Highland Colony Parkway, Ridgeland, MS

Home 2 Suites, 526 Evergreen St. Ridgeland, MS

Mississippi Residents Only – The Mississippi Junior Chess Championship is an officially rated US Chess tournament.  US Chess membership is required and student membership is available at 
Entry Fee: $10 if received by February 27, $20 afterward.  On-Site Registration closes at 8:30 AM sharp.  Checks and Entry Forms should be mailed 
to:  Mississippi Chess Association, PO Box 175, Meadville, MS 39653

All chess equipment will be provided.  Players have the option to use their own equipment within regulation if desired.  Keeping score by notation is required.

The Swiss System tournament is divided into 4 Sections:

Denker/Barber Qualifying sections 9-12, K-8 (9-12 Mississippi Junior Championship & K-8 Mississippi Junior Championship)

Nonqualifying sections K-5, K-3 (Mississippi Junior Elementary & Mississippi Junior Primary State Championships)
First place winners in the 9-12 and K-8 sections will be the representatives for the Denker and Barber tournaments respectively.  In the event the first place winner(s) are not able to play in these tournaments, second place (alternates) will be eligible for the tournaments.

5 Rounds no elimination: The first two rounds will be played at the time control game in 60 with a 
30-second increment to the player's clock added after each move.  The last three rounds will be played at the time control game in 90 with a 30-second increment.

Saturday:  9:00 AM G/60 inc/30         1:00 PM  G/60 inc/30             4:00 PM  G/90 inc/30         

Sunday:    9:00 AM  G/90 inc/30        2:00 PM  G/90 inc/30

Awards Ceremony to follow last round or tiebreaks.  Plaques or trophies will be given for the top 3 finishers in each section.

One half-point bye only is available for the first four rounds and must be requested before the start of the previous round. 
Tiebreaks for first place will be determined by two G/10 inc/5 quick games to be played at the end of the 5th round.  In the event of a tie with three or four players, a single round robin of G/10 inc/5 will be played. In the event of a tie from the quick games, an
Armegeddon match(es) of G/10 will be played at draw odds for black determined by bid.  If necessary, tie-break for third place to determine award recipient will be determined using the following system(s):  1. Modified Mean 2. Solkoff 3. Cumulative 4. Cumulative Opponent’s Score